No insurance? No problem! Online Doctor Visits Are Open and Affordable to Everyone

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Your online doctor cost will depend on your health insurance plan, along with a few other factors. (For example, visits to specialists may cost more than checkups with your primary care doctor.) However, online doctor visits often cost less than in-person visits.

Don’t have insurance? Fortunately, you can see an online doctor without insurance! Online doctor prices for patients with no insurance will vary. But seeing an online doctor without insurance will usually cost under $100, and you can even find doctors that cost under $50.

To find a low-cost online doctor, be sure to do your research and compare.

You can reach out to individual doctors through their websites. There are also apps and websites to help you get virtual care, including PlushCare, SteadyMD, MDLive, Amwell and Teladoc. Some of these virtual doctor sites charge you a monthly membership fee instead of a per visit fee. This may be a good option if you plan to see online doctors regularly.

If you have a private health insurance plan, look for online doctors that take insurance. Most insurance companies will require you to pay the same copay amount as an in-person visit. Your copay may be less than seeing an online doctor without insurance. And if your visit is considered a preventive service, it may be totally free.

Be sure to consult your insurance company’s website to find an online doctor who is in your network and accepts your insurance plan.

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