How to Set Up a Virtual Doctor Appointment

There are several ways to get diabetes treatment online.

If you already have a doctor that you like, contact their office to find out if you can schedule a doctor appointment online for virtual visits.

If not, you can find doctors online who allow virtual visits. These days, there are several online doctor websites that collect the contact information for virtual physicians. Some of these sites also create virtual doctor apps that you can use to find online doctors.

Some of the best online doctor websites include:

  • SteadyMD
  • Sherpaa
  • Plushcare

If you do not have insurance, the cheapest online doctor visits are around $20 or less. If you have insurance, visits may be even cheaper or sometimes free of charge.

Before you go to your online doctor visit, your physician may ask you to bring information such as your latest blood glucose reading and medicine you are taking.

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