Four Diet Trends 2019

Four Diet Trends 2019

Heading into 2019, you may be looking for a new diet to implement as a means of achieving the body weight or level of health you desire. While every diet is different, there are several trends to consider heading into the new year.

Whether you want to focus on your gut health to restore a natural balance or you want to develop healthier eating habits, there are four main diet trends you can use to your advantage. You do not need to abide by a restrictive diet to achieve your goals, as this often leads to more complications than it does positive results.

When you are choosing a new diet plan, consider consulting with a health care professional or dietician to ensure you are selecting a diet that works for your health conditions. You can speak with a nutritionist to gain a better understanding of what your nutritional needs are before committing yourself to one diet trend over another.

Focusing on Your Gut Health

In 2019, nutritionists expect to see a trend among dieters focusing on their gut health. While this may not seem like a conventional dietary method, there are numerous benefits associated with maintaining a healthy gut. When you regulate your stomach health, you help to boost your metabolism and decrease the amount of time you spend suffering from indigestion and other gut related issues. The easiest way to focus on your gut health is to invest in products rich in probiotics, as these help you digest foods properly. To increase your gut health, select the following items during your next shopping trip:

  • Kombucha is a fermented tea containing live probiotics. There are several brands available on the market. Each brand of kombucha tea is available in a variety of flavors. By drinking one bottle of kombucha a day, you can help regulate your gut health through the controlled absorption of probiotics.
  • Yogurt contains live probiotics and contains other helpful ingredients such as protein. Be sure to stay away from brands of yogurt with high levels of sugar, as this can be counterproductive to your overall goal.
  • Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage that can help with your gut health and digestion. It is often an acquired taste, so you may want to try a small quantity of sauerkraut before you commit to buying a full jar of this helpful food.

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In addition to implementing these items into your diet, purchase foods with high levels of fiber to aid in your gut health. This includes buying fruits, legumes and vegetables. While changing your diet helps with increasing your gut health, be prepared to change your exercise as well for the best results.

Utilizing Plant Proteins

Another growing trend of 2019 is centered around the consumption of plant proteins in lieu of solely receiving your protein from an animal source. Whether you are a vegetarian or you are looking for another way of incorporating more protein into your diet, plant proteins help you achieve your long-term dietary goals. Plant proteins are available in several common forms, including soy protein, bean pastas, tofu and quinoa. Additionally, consume avocados, kale, dandelion greens and beets for added sources of plant proteins. Choosing to buy tofu instead of turkey or purchasing quinoa burgers instead of beef patties helps you receive an appropriate amount of protein without adding calories to your diet.

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Opting for plant-based protein powders is helpful, though these typically lack the essential vitamins and nutrients found in other sources of protein. To combat this issue, purchase items such as lentils and chickpeas, which contain seven to eight grams of protein and contain high concentrations of fiber, iron and potassium. Nuts, such as almonds and peanuts, provide an added source of protein and healthy fats to help you improve your overall health.

Following a Keto Diet

The Keto diet is one of the trendiest diets of the new year. When you are exploring a Keto diet, it is important to remember this is a low-carb diet. If you are not capable of restricting your carb intake due to a specific preference toward breads and pastas, this is not the right dietary trend for you. When you consume high-fat foods and low quantities of carbs, you are allowing your body to enter a natural state of ketosis, which can aid in burning unhealthy fats and reducing your weight.

If you are considering a keto diet, you must work with a health professional to ensure this is the right choice. Entering a state of ketosis through a controlled diet is not something you can monitor on your own, as you can adversely affect your body in the process. Work with your physician or a nutritionist to first determine if this is actually a viable option, then build a working diet to ensure you implement the diet properly.

Practicing Intuitive Eating

Oftentimes, dieters do not realize the negative effects associated with dieting. Many researchers suggest focusing less on dietary trends and more on intuitive eating. Studies have shown approximately 80 to 90 percent of diets fail, which means you may not achieve your long-term health or body goals by restricting calories or carbohydrates. To ensure you gain the proper results, while maintaining a healthy balance of nutrients from your food sources, commit yourself to eating intuitively. This involves boosting your relationship with food into a more positive role.

Instead of finding ways to burn fat more quickly, work with a nutritionist to determine the amount of protein, fats and carbs to consume each day. These levels vary from one adult to the next, meaning there is no uniform way of practicing intuitive eating. You may require a higher carb source than others or you may require a low-fat diet if you are at risk of developing heart disease. Regardless of how you build your food intake, you create a better relationship with food when you understand the importance of each component.

Learning how to balance your macronutrients and micronutrients helps you develop healthier eating habits, lose weight and it prevents you from falling into the weight-loss cycle commonly associated with dieting. While some diet trends can help you to lose weight for an extended period, you can end up gaining the weight back if you do not understand how to eat properly for your specific body type and fitness levels.

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