The affordable health insurance marketplace is a great option for families and individuals who want to find coverage or just run an insurance plan comparison.

Find Affordable Coverage Options in the Marketplace

Created by the ACA (also known as Obamacare), the affordable healthcare exchange has different plans that are grouped into the following metal categories: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Bronze insurance, for example, is much cheaper than platinum-level plans, but it usually comes with higher copays and deductibles.

The reason why many Americans opt for Affordable Car health insurance is because it is sometimes cheaper than purchasing insurance on their own on the regular market. Depending on your income, your monthly premium for an Affordable Care insurance plan may be subsidized, potentially making it much cheaper to get covered.

Obamacare insurance enrollment is only open at the end of each year. However, you may be able to enroll in an affordable care health insurance plan if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

If you qualify for special enrollment due to job loss, divorce or another life change, you may be able to enroll in an “Obamacare” plan at any time.

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