Use Your DNA to Help You Stay Fit

Use Your DNA to Help You Stay Fit

DNA tests are very popular right now. Whether you want to identify your ancestral lands or find out if you have an increased risk of certain diseases, DNA testing can provide some answers. Using the results of a DNA test can also help you to stay fit and healthy, making better decisions based on your results.

Diet and exercise plans based on your genetic makeup can help you to maximize positive results while mitigating negative potentials.

You can take a DNA test with a simple swab of your mouth or by spitting into a tube, based on the instructions provided by the test distributor. DNA testing doesn’t require a blood test or any medical procedure. These days, you can just send your spit to a company by mail and find out your results within a few weeks! With so many amazing medical technology improvements in recent years, getting your own DNA results can certainly be included as an interesting and potentially beneficial development.

What is DNA?

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is what makes you you. We inherit our DNA from our parents, creating everything that makes us look the way we look as well as so many other factors. Almost every cell in our bodies has the same DNA. Most of it is located within the cell nucleus, but some DNA can also be found in the mitochondria. Mitochondria are often called the powerhouse of the cell.

Approximately 99 percent of human DNA is the same in every person. What makes you unique is the exact sequence of the billions of bases that comprise that DNA. That unique sequence can be determined through DNA tests, as well as identifying any irregularities that might exist.

How DNA Affects Our Health

Our DNA can determine many aspects of our lives, from our physical appearances to our predisposition for certain diseases. These diseases are generally hereditary, meaning we are at risk of having problems because of the DNA we inherited from our parents.

Knowing what your DNA can tell you might help you prevent certain diseases from taking over. If you know you are at greater risk of certain problems, you can try to minimize the negative effects and even prevent it from happening altogether, depending on the circumstances and our current medical technology.

DNA-Specific Exercise Routines

There is no magic bullet for fitness, even taking a DNA test and getting results that show your genetic makeup. You do have to put in the time and effort to stay fit by exercising regularly. Unfortunately, studies show that even those who have the results of a DNA test and know their risks still do not act on those risks by changing behaviors.

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However, with enough self-motivation and self-discipline, a DNA test can help you to identify particular problem areas and also to emphasize your genetic strengths. Knowing what your DNA can show you will help you to better prioritize certain exercises that have a positive and more beneficial impact. Following a DNA-specific exercise routine can help your overall fitness, to be sure. However, most importantly, simply doing more exercise and following a better diet plan can have a positive impact on everyone.

DNA-Specific Diets

Technology continues to improve in being able to offer actual DNA-based diet plans. With DNA tests on the market today, you can find out everything from your preference for late nights to a predisposition for a high BMI.

Unfortunately, an actual diet based on your genes can’t be perfectly sound. For example, you might find out that you are genetically at an increased risk for heart disease, so you should eat a more heart-friendly diet. But what does that really look like? Dieticians, nutritionists and medical professionals might all disagree on that point, since there is no definitive science pointing to a specific diet plan that is strictly heart-healthy without impacting other areas of your health.

However, a DNA test might be able to tell you if you have certain food intolerances or allergies, which can be beneficial if you didn’t know before. For example, your results might show an intolerance for lactose or even Celiac disease, which is a gluten allergy found in only about one percent of the population. These results could help explain why you feel uncomfortable after eating dairy or wheat.

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Sugar intake levels, caffeine sensitivity and other diet-related issues can be revealed through genetic testing now, which can help you to make better decisions based on your results. But a diet plan based on your genetic testing will only be able to address a few issues identified through your DNA, without taking a comprehensive look at your life.

With continuous medical technology advances, you can bet that we will soon have better options for a healthy diet based on our genetic makeup. Right now, we can start making better decisions based on our genes. It’s only a matter of time until we can get a fully comprehensive diet plan that addresses all current and potential problem, based on our DNA.

Using Your DNA to Stay Fit

Taking a DNA test can certainly reveal a great deal about your health. From learning about potential food allergies to understanding the health conditions you are at greater risk of having, these DNA tests can help you make better decisions to stay fit and healthy.

With a DNA test, you can learn about your predisposition for certain diseases and change your current habits and behaviors to mitigate those risks. You can also learn your propensity for certain types of exercise that will have a bigger impact for your benefit. Knowing what to focus on for fitness can be very helpful, and knowing what to avoid for food can make you feel better overall.

It’s also important to not let the results of a DNA test take over your life, however. Just because your genetic makeup puts you at a greater risk of heart disease does not mean you will inevitably have a problem.

Staying fit and healthy can help mitigate your health risks, so take advantage of the developments in medical technology and learn what you can to live a healthier lifestyle, starting today.

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