People who have type 2 diabetes have insulin resistance, which means that even though their pancreas produce insulin, their bodies are not efficient at using that insulin.


Learn About the 5 Types of Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes

This leads to hyperglycemia (meaning that they get high blood sugar) and can cause serious health issues.

To get around this problem, doctors often recommend simply taking prescription insulin. There are five main types of insulin:

  1. Rapid-acting insulin like Novolog and Humalog.
  2. Regular insulin like Novolin R.
  3. Intermediate-acting insulin like Novolin N.
  4. Long-acting insulin like Levemir and Lantus.
  5. Ultra long-acting insulin like Tresiba.

The differences between these types of insulin are based on how quickly they start working and how long they last.

The fastest-acting type in the list is rapid-acting insulin, which starts working in 15 minutes and lasts up to 4 hours. The longest-acting is ultra long-acting insulin, which starts working in 6 hours but can last up to 1.5 days.

In addition to these main types, there is also a sixth type of insulin called Afrezza that can be inhaled.

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