Learn About Supplementing Your Medicare Coverage With Medigap

If you are enrolled (or planning to enroll) in Medicare, then you may want some extra payment help with Medicare supplement plans.

Also called “Medigap,” supplement plans for Medicare are a type of private insurance that you can purchase if you have Medicare Parts A and B.

These plans help pay for deductibles, copays and other costs that Medicare does not cover. However, unlike non-Medicare supplemental health insurance plans that give lump-sum cash payments, Medigap plans will only pay for certain expenses and typically cannot be used to cover non-medical costs.

Supplemental insurance for Medicare recipients is divided into 10 different plans: A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. Each type of plan covers different benefits, so figuring out the best low-cost Medicare supplemental insurance for you will take a little research.

When you are looking at Medicare supplemental insurance quotes, keep in mind that each letter plan has the same minimum coverage, but companies may choose to add additional coverage at their discretion.

For example, USAA Medicare Supplement plan F coverage will have the same minimum benefits as Mutual of Omaha’s plan F. However, both of those plans will have different minimum coverage than Mutual of Omaha’s Medigap plan G.

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