How to Apply for Supplemental Health Insurance

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The process to apply for supplemental health insurance is quite simple. First, you will need to figure out what kind of supplemental health insurance you want:

  • Do you want to add other types of care to your coverage? Since your primary health insurance probably does not cover dental and vision care, you may benefit from buying this type of supplemental insurance.
  • Will you need help paying for a future hospital stay? If you plan to become pregnant or are expecting to get surgery in the future, hospitalization insurance might come in handy.
  • Do you want non-medical coverage? If so, then accident insurance or critical illness insurance may be a good option.
  • Would a lump-sum payment be vital in the event of a critical illness? If you are worried that heart disease, cancer, etc. could put you in medical debt, look into a lump-sum illness gap plan.

Once you have decided on which (if any) gap insurance plan you want, all you have to do is compare supplemental insurance quotes and enroll in the plan that makes most sense to you.

The process for enrolling in Medigap is the same as the one for non-Medicare supplemental health insurance. However, you will only have guaranteed enrollment if you apply during open enrollment (3 months before and after your 65th birthday). If you apply outside open enrollment, you may be denied for pre-existing conditions or your premiums may be higher.

No matter what kind of plan you are looking for, be sure to weigh the cost of the policy with your expected expenses. A gap plan will bring you the most value if you have a high deductible on your primary insurance and need an extra safety net.

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