Learn About Assistance for People With Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be expensive. The cost of day-to-day diabetic supplies like glucose test strips alone can present an obstacle to people who want to manage their diabetes properly.

Fortunately, programs like Medicare, Medicaid and supplemental health insurance can make diabetes management affordable. Additionally, if you are at risk of diabetes, you may be able to use these programs to help prevent the disease.

65 or older? Find Out How to Manage or Prevent Diabetes With Medicare
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If you are 65 or older or have a qualifying disability, Medicare assistance can help you prevent or manage diabetes affordably. Having Medicare health insurance may lower the cost of supplies like insulin and blood sugar testing kits.

Please note that you may need to pay a Medicare copayment or meet a Medicare deductible when obtaining these services and equipment. You may also have to meet additional eligibility requirements for certain Medicare services and supplies.

Medicare Part B insurance covers services and supplies you may need if you have diabetes. This includes:

  •         Medicare Part B glucometer coverage.
  •         Medicare-approved insulin pumps.
  •         Blood glucose test strips.
  •         Insulin administered with a pump.

Part B insurance also covers preventive services to help you manage your diabetes or prevent diabetes if you are at risk for diabetes. This includes:

  •         Up to 2 screenings for diabetes per year.
  •         One health behavior change program to help you prevent diabetes.
  •         Outpatient self-management training to help you manage diabetes.

Medicare Part D covers diabetic drugs and supplies for using insulin. This includes:

  •         Antidiabetic drugs to help you maintain blood sugar.
  •         Syringes.
  •         Needles.
  •         Inhaled insulin devices.
  •         Insulin not delivered with a pump.

For additional Medicare help, visit the program’s website.

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