If You Have a Low Income, Medicaid May Help You Pay for Diabetes Treatment

If you have a low income, you may be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is an important program for addressing diabetes, as people with low incomes are more likely to develop complications from diabetes.

Keep in mind that diabetes services covered by Medicaid may differ from state to state. While federal law requires states to provide minimum mandatory benefits, some states do not have specific requirements or mandates for diabetes.

However, state Medicaid programs are required to provide services such as inpatient and outpatient hospital services, physician services and laboratory services, which may help people who have diabetes or complications related to diabetes.

Depending on your state, Medicaid may help you pay for diabetes equipment, including:

  •         Prescription drugs.
  •         Insulin.
  •         Syringes.
  •         Glucometers.
  •         Blood glucose strips.

Most states provide some kind of Medicaid coverage for the diabetes equipment listed above. Some states may also provide diabetic preventive services, such as education and screenings.

CHIP medical insurance may also cover diabetes supplies and services for children from low-income families who are not eligible for Medicaid.

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