Find Out How to Get Low-Cost or Free Glucose Test Strips

If you use a traditional home glucose test, you will need to purchase blood glucose test strips.

Some common glucose test strips include Fora glucose test strips and One Touch blood sugar test strips. Whatever kind of glucose strips you use, you will have to make sure they are compatible with your glucose meter.

While companies may offer glucometers free of charge, it is harder to find diabetic testing strips for free. However, there are ways to at least get a discount on test strips:

  • If you do not already have health insurance, consider looking for a health insurance plan that covers blood glucose test strips and other diabetic supplies. If your plan has a low deductible, then you can essentially get free blood sugar test strips.
  • If you are eligible, Medicare Part B covers diabetic self-testing equipment for beneficiaries with diabetes. This includes free glucose test strips.
  • Manufacturers of blood glucose test strips may have savings programs. Examples include the Accu-Check Guide SimplePay program and the OneTouch Automatic Savings program. With OneTouch’s program, you may be eligible to get 100 test strips for $25.
  • Compare prices on test strips before you choose a glucometer. Generally, over-the-counter prices may range from 15 cents to $1.50 per strip.

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