Learn About Blood Sugar Testing at Home

If you have diabetes, your body is unable to process glucose (or sugar) normally. A blood sugar monitor system helps you find out if your blood sugar is too high or too low. You will also be able to see how diet, exercise, insulin, oral medication and other factors affect your blood glucose levels.

Whether or not you already test your blood sugar, read on to learn about convenient and affordable ways to monitor your glucose levels at home. Since diabetes is a serious medical condition, be sure to always consult your doctor before you begin testing.


Checking Your Blood Sugar at Home With Home Test Kits

With the right home diabetes test kit, monitoring your glucose levels can be quick and simple. There are two types of devices to measure blood sugar at home:

  • Traditional home glucose tests
  • Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems

Traditional home blood glucose tests, such as the One Touch Verio Glucose Meter, are more common than CGM systems. If you use a traditional home blood sugar test, you will have to:

  1. Prick your finger with a small needle called a lancet.
  2. Put a drop of your blood on a glucose test strip.
  3. Insert the strip into the blood glucose meter (also called a glucometer).
  4. View your blood sugar levels on the glucose meter.

CGM monitoring systems, such as the Medtronic Guardian CGM and the Freestyle Libre system, do not require lancets or test strips. Instead, you will have a small sensor placed under your skin that automatically tests your blood glucose levels at regular intervals. The sensor sends information to the glucometer, which may alert you if you have too high or low blood sugar levels.

These devices for taking your blood sugar at home are available over the counter. Be sure to search the internet for promotions, as you may be able to get a free blood glucose meter. Manufacturers will sometimes offer free glucose meters so customers will continue to purchase the brand’s test strips.

Keep in mind that there are all different kinds of both traditional and continuous blood glucose monitoring systems. Your doctor can recommend the best home diabetes test kit for you.

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