Top Fitness Trends 2019

Top Fitness Trends 2019

One of the most common resolutions of the new year is a commitment to either start exercising or working out more. Adults often struggle to maintain their fitness as the year progresses due to a lack of knowledge surrounding the methods of exercise available to them.

Whether you want to workout at home, at the gym or enroll in a fitness class, following the trends of 2019 can help you establish an easy to maintain exercise routine throughout the year.

To prevent yourself from becoming discouraged and giving up on your New Year’s resolution, you may want to opt for shortening your workouts and increasing your recovery time. Not only does this allow you to maintain your fitness regardless of your motivation levels, it allows your body to increase its ability to retain positive changes. This is just one of the top fitness trends for the new year. This article can help you determine which of the top fitness trends of 2019 is right for you and how you can implement your chosen regiment into your daily schedule.

Utilizing Home Workouts

If you become discouraged when attempting to work on your fitness at the gym, you may want to look into creating an at-home exercise routine in lieu of signing up for another membership. When you workout at home, you are allowing yourself to complete the exercises as they are intended without the risk of feeling self-conscious by being in the presence of others. You can choose to exercise however you prefer, though the most common trends heading into 2019 involve creating a home gym or following a live-stream of various fitness classes.

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If you do not have the extra income to support building a home gym, you can opt for investing in a few weights and exercise bands to get yourself started. There are numerous exercises you can complete with two or three items, and you can find exercises you can complete without equipment as well to maximize your fitness results. Many companies provide free tutorials and live-stream videos of fitness classes, which you may choose to participate in if you would prefer to take up barre or yoga instead of lifting weights.

Try a Boxing Class

One of the biggest fitness trends of 2019 is boxing. When you enroll in a boxing class, you are signing up for a full-body workout without the peskiness associated with a gym workout. Through boxing classes, you can gain a sense of empowerment and community you may not find through repeated trips to your local gym. During a boxing class, you learn how to fight and protect yourself while you are shedding weight and toning muscle. You can bond with the other students enrolled in the class with you. You also have more freedom when choosing a schedule, as you can choose to take lessons as many or as few times per week based on your availability.

Shorten Your Overall Workout

You may struggle to maintain an exercise routine due to the sheer length of time allotted to this lifestyle choice. It can be difficult to focus on fitness when you are working or studying full-time or when you are a stay-at-home parent. To combat this issue, consider making changes to optimize and shorten your workout. This may seem counterproductive, but studies have shown you can still have a positive impact on your overall health by conducting shorter workouts throughout the week. Even a shortened workout is better than a workout you skip because you know you do not have time to complete it.

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If you cannot set aside 30 minutes per day to exercise due to your schedule restraints, consider the idea of holding three 10-minute workouts instead. By breaking your workout down into smaller increments, you are allowing yourself to focus on your fitness without detracting your attention from other important matters. During your lunch break, set aside 10 minutes to complete a series of squats and lunges. You can then set aside another 10-minute block when you return home from work to lift weights or try out some new yoga moves. During your last 10-minute workout of the day, you can watch a free tutorial for Pilates to find new moves to incorporate during your workout the following day.

Invest in a Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers can be an added expense, though the growing popularity of this item has encouraged multiple companies to create trackers in various price ranges. When you are using a fitness tracker, you are holding yourself accountable for the exercises you complete each day. You may choose to start off with walking more as a way of easing into the world of fitness. You can set your tracker to remind you to get up and move around every 20 to 30 minutes throughout the day. In doing so, you are motivating yourself to achieve your fitness goals and you can keep track of the steps you take throughout the day through your device.

Through your fitness tracker you can monitor how many calories you have burned, how much hydration you have accumulated and you can monitor your heart rate as well. Each of these features help promote a healthier lifestyle and can hold you accountable for your actions. If you know you are prone to falling short of your exercise goals, investing in a fitness tracker is an easy way to ensure you stay on the right path.

Optimize Your Recovery

An essential part of maintaining your fitness is setting aside the proper recovery time following your workout. Without the right amount of recovery, you run the risk of injuring yourself over the course of repeated workout routines. A growing trend of 2019 is the foam roller, which allows you to promote muscle recovery following a period of exercise. For example, if you spend 30 minutes working on your leg muscles, you can allot a set amount of time following your workout to use the foam roller on your legs. By rolling out the areas where you were working your muscles, you are ensuring your muscles are developing and healing properly over time.

When you are recovering more efficiently, you are allowing your body to reap the benefits of your workout, allowing you to safely work out more in the future. Proper recovery means an increase in strength and development, which can help you run further or train for a longer period.

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