Have a favorite pharmacy? Find out if it Offers a Prescription Discount Program

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Some well-known pharmacies offer their own pharmacy savings programs. You can find out if your preferred pharmacy has one. Or, you can compare pharmacies to see which one offers the best prescription discount program and then decide where to go.

The Walgreens Prescription Savings Club lets you get discounts on prescriptions for over 8,000 brand-name and generic medications. In addition to these discounts, you can get:

  • Five to 20 percent discounts on immunizations.
  • Bonus points on store-brand products.
  • Discounts for preventive and lifestyle medications, some of which are not covered by insurance.

Most importantly, you’ll get additional discounts specifically for diabetic supplies!

Keep in mind that there is no free prescription discount card from Walgreens. Joining the club will cost $20 for individuals and $35 per year for families. But if you make monthly medical purchases (like many people with diabetes), the savings should more than make up for the Walgreens Rx discount membership price.

CVS Pharmacies’ Reduced Rx Program is a free program that is perfect for diabetics. The only medication that is currently part of the program is insulin. So, if you have to use insulin to manage your diabetes, this Rx savings card from CVS can be a huge help. You can get 10 ml vials of Novolin R, Novolin N or Novolin 70/30 for just $25 each. This means you save as much as $100 on these medical products.

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