Learn About Options for Affordable Individual Health Plans

Shopping for affordable personal health insurance is much easier than trying to stay on budget with a family health plan. This is because when you compare personal health insurance quotes, you only have to worry about your particular needs and expectations.

Still, many Americans are surprised by the price of health insurance, even when buying an individual plan. This is why we’ve put together some valuable information on a few of your health plan options.

Whether you are self-employed, between jobs or working for a company, learning about these plans may get you started on the right path.

How to Get Group Discounts on Individual Insurance

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Buying group coverage insurance is one of the cheapest ways to get covered. Many people have the misconception that “group insurance” means that several people are covered under one plan (as with family insurance), but this is not the case.

“Group” health insurance just means that a group of people who are part of a company or organization are getting a special rate on their plans.

The most common way to get private group health insurance is through a job. Usually, employers that offer health insurance will give you several options to choose from and may even pay for a portion of your monthly premiums.

However, you may still be able to find group rates as an individual if you are unemployed or self-employed.

If you have just lost job-based health insurance after becoming unemployed, you can keep your health insurance by signing up for COBRA. Even though your old employer will likely no longer subsidize part of your premium, COBRA coverage lets you keep your same plan (at group rates) while you look for another job.

When it comes to group health insurance plans for self-employed individuals, your options depend on where you live. If you are a freelancer, for example, you may be able to find group health insurance rates through a freelancer union.

Additionally, some states require insurance companies to offer certain group rates to self-employed individuals with a “group” of one.

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