A kettlebell is a simple weight with a handle. You can workout every muscle in your body with different exercises while using kettlebell weights.While you can use dumbbells and other weights for strength training, kettlebells are better for explosive movements. 

The weight is distributed differently than dumbbells, so you use different muscles even when doing your usual workout. Some of the best exercises when working out with kettlebells include the following:

Kettlebell Weights

 Squats to shape your butt, quads, and hamstrings.

·     Deadlifts to challenge your butt, backs of your legs, and core.

·     Suitcase lunges for your legs and butt. 

·     Sit-ups for more demanding movements.

·     Kettlebell swings workout your lower back, butt, and legs.

·     Triceps presses for your triceps. 

·     Halos for your shoulders, chest, and core.

·     Bent-over rows for your triceps, chest, and back. 

·     Flutter kicks for your core and lower abs (keep the kettlebell raised above your head).

·     Box step-ups for your butt and quads.

With all exercises involving weights and movement, be careful not to let go of the kettlebell. With kettlebell swings, for example, you could swing the weight into your television if you lost your grip. 

You can find single kettlebells and sets for less than $50. They come in a range of weights, so you can get a variety of sizes to match your current abilities and increase the intensity as you progress. For instance, you can get a set that includes weights of 5, 10, and 15 pounds.Other strength training and at-home workout equipment can take up less room (and far less weight) if you have storage issues.

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