If you plan to look for a new job with health insurance benefits, short term health insurance (also known as temporary health insurance) can keep you covered in the meantime.

Want temporary coverage with no commitments? Short-Term Health Insurance Has You Covered
short term health insurance

Short term health insurance plans are also a great option if:

  • You will soon be eligible for Medicare or another health insurance plan.
  • You do not qualify for a Special Enrollment period to get insurance from the Health Insurance Marketplace.
  • You want more time to choose your long-term plan.

Short-term health plan monthly premiums are often cheaper than regular health plan premiums. Just keep in mind that it is hard to find short-term health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions. For this reason, short-term plans may be especially helpful for healthy people who want to keep their insurance premiums low.

You can generally find short term health insurance plans that range from one month to 12 months of coverage. Coverage should begin quickly, and you should be able to cancel the coverage whenever you need to.

You cannot buy short term health insurance online at the federal government’s Health Insurance Marketplace. To get short-term health insurance, you will have to apply through a private insurance company. Many insurers offer a simple online short-term health insurance application. Coverage and costs vary, so be sure to shop around for short-term health insurance quotes and find a plan that has the right price and coverage level for you.

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Updated on 05/12/2022