Options for Those Who Need Insulin

Anyone with Type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent. Currently, there is no medically approved way to manage type 1 diabetes without insulin. For this reason, T1D is also called insulin-dependent diabetes.

Not all people with Type 2 diabetes need to use insulin. After diagnosing a patient with diabetes, medical professionals may recommend changing diet, exercising and sometimes taking oral medication to control or even reverse the condition.

However, insulin therapy for Type 2 diabetes may be necessary if diet, exercise and medications do not work out or if the disease worsens over time.

Here are some different ways to taking insulin:

Insulin Injection requires a vial of glucose and a syringe that you will need to directly inject into your body. Some of the best insulin injection sites include the abdomen or thigh.

Insulin pens are also a form of injectable insulin, but they come in prefilled cartridge form. Some well-known pens include the following:

  • Toujeo Solostar Insulin Glargine injection pen
  • Lantus Solar Star Insulin pen
  • Novolog Mix Flexpen

Insulin pumps are most often used by people with T1D. These devices release insulin on their own throughout the day, so you do not have to worry about injecting yourself. Well-known pumps include the Medtronic MiniMed 530G system and the Omnipod Loop system. The Loop is a tubeless insulin pump, which makes it a little more streamlined and easy to wear.

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